About Us

2015-05-24 Neville photo BW 219x299NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN | chief modeller

As founder and chief modeller, Neville runs Britewrx and takes the lead in helping clients supercharge their organizations.

With a formal education in Computer Science and (for his sins) Mathematics, Neville spent a lot of his early career developing really cool software systems and wondering why management couldn’t understand that the system he was working on was the best thing since, well, the computer was invented. At the beginning of the millennium he crossed over the technology divide to become a turn-around CEO, run a specialized consulting company and wonder why techies had such a problem understanding that technology had to solve problems real people cared about.

Over the last five years Neville has worked with companies to radically improve the way they do things, from managing multi-billion dollar capital investments in the Oil and Gas industry to implementing ERP systems for aircraft service companies. He takes great delight in making things understandable, translating corpspeak into plain language and challenging leaders to see just how much their teams can accomplish if they are led well.

Born in South Africa, Neville is a naturalized Dutch citizen who has lived in the UK, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, the UK (again), Canada (again), finally returning to South Africa from where he works over the world. He speaks three languages, can mumble in another two and order beer in twelve more.

MICHAEL DEAN DARGIE | chief doodler

As chief doodler, Michael is responsible for our creative direction. Aside from raking in the kudos for this web site, Michael helps our clients convert their business models into memorable communication tools and strategies.

Michael has enjoyed work as a Starving Artist, Entrepreneur, Managing Editor, Visual Communication Manager, Communications Director, Creative Director and VP of Communications for companies in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest.

During the last 25 years Michael has been helping companies communicate better with their customers and staff as well as teaching and leading seminars on a variety of topics including Digital Illustration & Photography, Creative Thinking and Strategic Marketing.

He’s inspired audiences from small corporate groups to theatres of hundreds in the art of thinking differently and effective communication; he has worked with one of the top branding agencies in the world, countless entrepreneurs and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to help them share their message.

JIM GREEN | chief modeller Africa

Jim is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and leads the African arm of Britewrx.

With a career spanning 35 years including 17 years board level experience in corporates, NGOs and start-ups and international projects in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the USA, UK and Thailand, Jim specialises in developing modelling skills and leading business interventions.

Jim has worked in a number of industries including telecommunications, consumer electronics, IT, e-commerce, software development, aerospace, television, large-scale programme management, business and strategy consulting. He also oversees the Kwazar group of companies that he founded some 14 years ago. He is an advisor to a number of NGOs working into education and entrepreneurship development and is a member of the Institute of Directors.

Jim is an electronic engineer by background and has an MBA from Ashridge in the UK. He participated in a number of post-graduate studies in Switzerland and the USA. His passion is in people and leadership development and has specific interests in start-ups and the development and management of innovation. When not devouring books, Jim enjoys doodling on his guitar, doing a bit of photography, travelling and occasionally taking to the sky in a light aircraft.