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Where do you focus next?

I’m a solopreneur and I’ve built a successful lifestyle business. But not without going through the same school of hard knocks every entrepreneur seems to have to endure. If you’re like me, or any of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, I suspect you’re struggling with one or more of the following:

  • You’re not getting enough of the right kinds of leads (marketing sucks).
  • Even when you get leads, not enough of them are expressing an interest and certainly not enough of them are buying (sales funnel = sales straw).
  • And when you do make a sale, you’re so tied up in delivering your products or services that your marketing takes a nose dive (see sales straw above).
  • You have to compete on price (now there’s a race to the bottom).
  • And of course you’re alone, so you have to do everything. Even when you’re not expert at it all.

So where do you focus next?
What’s important right now, what will get you to stable revenue the fastest? And how do you get to have a life again?

Key components of a successful (lifestyle) business

Fundamentally, a successful (lifestyle) business is built on two key components:

The right positioning
Positioning is all about specialising in a niche market. With the right positioning, you become the expert at helping a well-defined target market solve an expensive problem. With the right positioning, it becomes easier for you to find your ideal clients, it’s easier for them to find you and your pricing reflects the value you deliver.

A well-designed Revenue Engine
Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Sales, Delivery and Follow Up are the five stages of your Revenue Engine—how your business makes money. But many revenue engines are either not well designed, or lack critical connecting elements that move leads and prospects to sales. That’s why you’re not generating enough of the right kinds of leads, or not enough of them are eventually buying.

But it’s difficult to see the label when you’re inside the jar
Or, as the saying goes, it’s difficult to give yourself a good haircut. You’ve done the best you can and you think it should be working. If its still not working, you may need some outside help.



How I can help

My 1-on-1 consulting programs are designed specifically to help you find the right positioning, and once you have that, design and implement a Revenue Engine that delivers stable revenue streams that keep on delivering even when you take a break.

Get your positioning right
During our sessions, I’m first going to help you understand what your perfect niche looks like—how your skills and passion meet their need to solve a problem. We’re going to really drill down on what you think the market needs, what it’s telling you it needs and where the gaps are. Then, we’re going to work on making sure you present yourself so that your ideal clients can easily find you and understand the value they will get from working with you.

Design and implement a Revenue Engine
With your positioning in place, we’ll make sure you have a Revenue Engine that attracts your ideal clients and reliably moves them down your sales funnel. The Tornado Method provides the framework you need to build your marketing, nurture your leads and make sales. We’ll look at structuring a product ladder so it’s easy for them to buy the first time and come back for more. And we’ll look at productising your services so you can work less and charge more.

How it works

My consulting engagements work in 4-session or 12-session programs. Before we start working together, I’m going to ask you to do a self-assessment and tell me what you’re struggling with most. I will review your responses, and if I think I can help, we’ll book a free 75-minute strategy session. Here’s how I run these calls:

  • We will spend the first 60 minutes of the call working on your business. I will bring my absolute best in terms of tools, process, and insight to help move your business forward, just like I do in a coaching call with a paying client. We won’t talk about what it would be like to work together; we’ll actually work together.
  • We will spend the last 15 minutes of the call discussing whether working together in a paid coaching engagement makes sense. If we both believe it does, I will:
    1. propose a suggested meeting frequency;
    2. work with you to figure out a start date that fits for both of us; and
    3. send a payment link so that you can secure time on my schedule.

If you wait to pay or do not move forward with the coaching proposal after the call, I will follow up by email exactly once, then drop it.

No selling 
At no point will I attempt to persuade you to work with me or apply any kind of sales pressure. This is either important to you or it isn’t, and I’m either the right person to help or I’m not. After an hour together, it will be an easy decision for you. You’ll just know.



Pricing, Pacing & Availability

I expect that if you submit the assessment and set up a call, you have already decided that you can afford to work with me. Here’s my pricing, which is the same for everyone:

A 4-session program costs US$1,200 and a 12-session program costs US$3,200. The full price for the program is payable in advance, and once payment is made, there are no refunds.

Programs run as fast or as slow as you need them to—in practice, a session every 2 weeks or so seems to fit most entrepreneurs. We will decide on a meeting frequency prior to starting, but you can reschedule sessions as you need based on your and my availability. A session runs from 60 to 90 minutes—we use online video conferencing so it doesn’t matter where you live.

During the program you have unlimited email support (I usually respond within 1 business day).

I have a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching slots available at any time and I reserve the right to not offer a coaching program if I believe I can not help you or my coaching slots are full. You may sometimes have to wait for a slot to open up—if this happens I will let you know when the next opening becomes available.

What you can do now

If you need help with your business, and my 1-on-1 coaching program sounds like the right thing for you, click on the link below to start your self-assessment and tell me about your business. This will take you to a Google form – fill it in as best you can and submit it.

I will then review the form and get back to you within 2 business days to let you know if I can help. If I can, I will include a link where you can book our free strategy session.

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