46 ways to generate leads

46 Ways to generate leads

The one single problem that I've seen almost all businesses struggle with is lead generation. How do you get leads? Where do you find them? How do you get their attention? And once you have their attention, how do you get them to give up their email address so you can start building a trust?

Part of the answer is in the Productized Services guide where I show how to build a product ladder that allows clients to start with a small, entry-level product and then move up from there.

But that's only useful when you have the leads. How do you get the leads in the first place?

Here are 46 ways you can generate leads - together with a whole lot more.

Philip Morgan specializes in helping independent software developers become highly valued specialists. He recently published a spreadsheet with 46 ways to generate leads - but he added some very important information.

As you know the process of lead generation, nurturing and eventual sales is all about building trust. What Philip has done is add some critical columns to the spreadsheet:

  • Trust Potential: How likely the lead generation activity is to build trust (relative to the other techniques).
  • Speed to maximum trust: How fast the activity will generate that trust.

He then added a third column titled Trust Velocity, which multiplies the previous two columns to get a combined score.

But he didn't stop there:

  • Effort / Difficulty is a relative measure of how much effort you have to put into the activity, or the difficulty of achieving it;
  • Prep or Lead Time is a relative score of how long it takes to get to the point where you can execute the activity; and finally
  • the Bootstrap Coefficient divides Trust Velocity by Effort and Prep Time to get an overall score.

You can sort the list by each column to get an idea of how different lead generation activities stack up - but more importantly, Philip makes the spreadsheet a available for download. I downloaded it, removed the activities that I'm not going to pursue (most of them) and adjusted the scores in the remaining 8 or so to get an idea of where I should be focusing.

This is a tremendously useful tool - you can download it here.

How do you systematically raise prices without losing customers?

I don't often recommend products, but Sean D'Souza of Psychotactics is one of the best in the business when it comes to helping small businesses market and sell.

Sean has a series of 3 ebooks that explain exactly what the title suggests - how to raise prices without losing customers. I've bought it and I will be using it - I suggest you take a look at it.

Check it out here.