Imagine having
fun running
your business.

And spending
more time with
your family.

Performance coaching for leaders
who want to have a life, too.

If you’re a leader in a small to mid-size business, I can help you get off the treadmill, put the fun back into running your business and have a life you can be proud of.

Helping you develop and communicate business clarity; entrench high-performance habits to balance your personal and business life; and engage your team to deliver on their full potential (one does not work without the other).

Engaging your team using visual tools that break down cross-discipline barriers to deliver collaborative, engaging and energizing business clarity bootcamps; craft strategy that everyone understands and supports; and develop business plans (that actually get used).

Making it real takes time, commitment, perseverance and change. 30-day intensives and 3-month broad-spectrum programs are designed to eliminate the bad stuff, fill in the gaps and create the balance that enables high performance (and still lets you have a life).

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I work with a small number of clients and work hard to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. You work with me directly – and if your team needs it I will bring in highly trusted, proven business coaches to provide individual coaching and maintain personal confidentiality.

If you want to get off that treadmill, put the fun back into running the business and spend more time with your family, read on – or schedule a 30-minute introductory call.

Start with a $1 consultation

That’s no typo. For $1.00 you can book a 30-minute consultation where you can get to know me and how I work. If I can provide you with something of value this will be the best $1.00 you’ve ever spent.

This is a serious call, not a prank. I want to prove my value to you, and you owe it to yourself to engage only the best. So this is an unscripted call. There are no questionnaires to fill out. I am confident that I can help you – and if not you’ve made a very small investment to avoid a costly future mistake.

30 minute phone call