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Have a Life

Plan your year to get more done,
build a more successful business
and enjoy your life.

What did you give up last year?

I don’t have to tell you this - building a business is hard work. Unfortunately, we can get so busy we can lose our life in the process. And when we look back, we wonder if it was worth it. We wonder if there was a better way to do it.

So what did you give up last year? Did you work too much, too long and too hard? Did your business take up all our time, most of your attention and a lot of your energy? Did your frustration spill over and hurt your loved ones?

You’re not alone. When you’re a solopreneur or small business owner you are your business — and your business seems to consume all of your time and energy so there’s little left for yourself, your family and your friends.

Somehow the first casualty of running a business is ourselves. We delay taking vacations, postpone family outings and sometimes even miss important events. In the long run, this wears us down, our family pays the price and we’re left with a (sometimes) successful business but not much else.

The joy of having a business - and a life

Imagine that you’re rested, calm and focused - and you know that your family is taken care of. You get even complex tasks done in record time. You know that all your admin is taken care of, your projects are on track, your clients are happy and the bank balance is looking good. Even your marketing is bringing in new leads so you don’t have to scrabble for revenue all the time. And you have time to do the things that you really value.

Sound too good to be true?

I won’t kid you - getting to that ideal life is not easy. I know, because I’ve been a student of productivity and time management all my life, and sometimes I’m there, sometimes not.

But I also know that I’m in a much better place now than I was even a year or two ago. And not because my business is doing so much better - I’ve just gotten better at focusing where and when it matters, understanding that being rested allows me to focus, and having a system to manage all the stuff coming at me keeps me sane.

There’s a lot to getting there, and it’s all captured in the Have a Life system.

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Introducing the Have a Life system

The Have a Life system is a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of:

  • defining what good looks like;
  • establishing your principles for having a life;
  • creating progressively detailed plans for where you’re going to spend your time; and
  • putting this into practice with daily and weekly routines, reviews to see how you’re doing and techniques for getting more done in less time.

This is not just theory – the Have a Life system is based on tried and tested principles, tools and techniques. The system is also updated every year (the first edition was for 2018) as I learn more about what works for business owners like you and where you get stuck.


What’s Inside


Part 1: Define what good looks like


Wheel of Life: Define what good will look like in your life, and where you are now.


Screw It Up method: Define the warning signs that you're heading in the wrong direction.


Worse-Now-Better method: Establish the baseline for what's good - and what not.


Part 2: Establish your principles

Principle 1: Life comes before work. If you have to make a decision between work and personal commitments, which takes precedence?

Principle 2: Distractions ruin productivity. You can only produce good work if you learn to 
 concentrate without distraction on demanding tasks.

Principle 3: Planning beats doing. It’s only when you plan your work, and then focus on getting it done, that you make progress on the right stuff.


Principle 4: Routine beats overwhelm. Adopt routines to keep you on track and you’ve won most of the battle with overwhelm.

Principle 5: Continuously review and improve. Will you make time to review how things are going
 and identify what you can improve?


Part 3: Plan to Have a Life


Annual Plan: Plan your year the visual way so you can see how you intend to spend your time.


Quarterly Plan: Get more detailed with a quarterly view, goals and major projects.


Sprint Planner: Use a Sprint Planner to plan in more detail, including projects, events and commitments.


Dream Week: Design your Dream Week so you can get into routines that make you super-productive.


Part 4: From planning to doing

The Art of the Finish: All the productivity in the world won’t help if 
 you don’t actually finish what you started.

Startup and Shutdown Routines: Start and end each day with routines that encourage productivity.

Weekly review and planning: The biggest boost to your productivity is hitting the ground running.


The Art of the Sprint: Learn how to use sprints with buffers and breaks to really churn out the deliverables.

Getting more from your calendar: Your calendar is your friend, but you can easily overload yourself.

Managing your task list: How to avoid the ever-growing task list and make sure you don’t create a guilt bucket.


The value or regular reviews: You can only get better at something if you check how well you’re doing now.

Improving your focus and minimizing distractions: Declutter your world and your mind.

The Bullet Journal Method: How to use Bullet Journalling for business, and the power of writing every day.

Designed for Small Business Owners

The Have a Life system was developed specifically for freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners.

You don’t have a lot of time, so adding yet another top-heavy system into your busy day won’t work. Have a Life is designed to get you the most value for the smallest amount of time you have to invest.

Whether you’re a consultant, designer, developer, coach or run a small business, Have a Life will help you get more done – and get your life back.


The no-questions-asked no-reason-required money-back guarantee

I'm proud of my products and stand behind them 100%.

So if you're not satisfied that the Have a Life system is going to help you have a more productive year and a better work / life balance, I will refund you in full any time within 30 days of your purchase.

No questions asked and no reason required (though it’s always nice to hear where a product fell short of your expectations).


Have a Life 2019

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