Hi there!

Have a Life is my system and methodology for planning your year and managing your time (and productivity) so you can have a successful business - and a life too. (You can see the Have a Life 2019 sales page here.)

For the 2020 edition, I’m adding a Digital Journal

You may be familiar with the rising trend in journalling, including Bullet Journalling and recently digital journals. A digital journal is usually a PDF that you load into an iPad app like Notability or Goodnotes, and then use just like a paper journal.

The advantage of digital journals is of course that they support links between pages, so you can easily navigate between say today, a month view or even a quarterly planner.

What’s in the test version?

Of course, we’re still a little way from 2020, so I’ve created a test version of the journal for the 4th Quarter of 2019 - this is what you will be testing. The digital journal includes:

  • A quarterly planner

  • A weekly project planner covering the whole quarter

  • A Revenue Forecast page

  • Two types of monthly planners including one with a habits tracker

  • Daily pages for each day of the quarter.

Here’s what some of these pages look like (click for a bigger image):

All of the pages are fully linked, so you can jump (for example) from the quarterly planner to a specific day, or from the navigation bar (at the top of each page) to the quarter or month.

What I need tested

This is a fully functional digital journal for the 4th Quarter of 2019, so you can use it to plan and record your journey through the remainder of the year (there are 101 pages in this version).

Before I release the 2020 version, I would like to get as much feedback from real users to see what needs to be added, removed or changed. In particular, I would like to hear things like:

  • Would weekly planners be useful?

  • Are the lines on the pages legible enough?

  • Which kind of monthly planner do you find most useful?

and of course anything else you would like to see in the 2020 version.

What you will need to test this version

You will need an iPad and an app like Notability or Goodnotes. Other note-taking apps will work as long as you can import and annotate a PDF. An Apple Pencil is recommended though you can use a stylus as well.

Join the test team

Here’s what you get when you join the test team:

  • The 4th Quarter 2019 Have a Life Digital Journal

  • Access to a private Facebook group to post your comments for improvements.

  • The full Have a Life 2020 self-study course including the full Digital Journal for 2020 (scheduled for release in December 2019).

In return, I ask that you comment on the 4Q2019 test version and be prepared to provide a recommendation for the 2020 version based on your experience.

The test version is not free. The full 2020 course including Digital Journal will be priced at US$79 (or higher, still to be determined) — but I’m offering the test version (which also gets you the full 2020 course and 2020 Digital Journal) for US$29. That’s more than 60% off the full price and you get to start using it now.

Here’s the catch: I’m limiting the number of test users to 30, so if you want to jump in early (and get that huge discount off the 2020 course and digital journal), jump in now.

And if you have any questions, drop me an email.