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As simple as it sounds, your business is driven by your vision (your dream of what the world can look like) and your mission (how you’re going to get there).

15-Minute Vision & Mission coverMost vision and mission statements suck – but they don’t have to. Download the 15-Minute Vision & Mission Guide (free!) to get this step-by-step guide to developing a vision and mission that will help guide your business.

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Productized Services step-by-step guideJust released:

If you run a service-based business you’re in for a treat:

Productized Services: How to package your services so that you can earn more, work less and deliver more value to your clients is now available for purchase – and Part 1 is free!

Under development:

Workshop Ninja: How to design, plan and deliver killer workshops is under development. Coming end August!

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The mind map on the right will give you an idea of the categories we have in our targets – the top ones included in the first batch are Marketing & Sales, Personal Productivity and Business Design.

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