how to build a lifestyle business

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Beginner’s Guide to the Tornado Method

A framework for building and running a business and dealing with overwhelm. The base from which just about all my work is built.

Best for: all entrepreneurs!
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Business Readiness Workbook

Rate yourself to determine how ready you are to build a business.

Best for: entrepreneurs thinking of building a business but not sure if they’re ready.
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Do It Yourself


Have a Life

The planning and time management system designed specifically for small business owners. Plan your year to get more done, build a more successful business and enjoy your life.

Best for: entrepreneurs struggling with overwhelm and want to get more done
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Productised Services

How to package your services so you can earn more, work less and provide more value to your clients.

Best for: experienced professionals who have hit a revenue ceiling and want to get away from billing by the hour.
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One on One


Business Coaching

One-on-one coaching for impatient entrepreneurs who want to get their faster. The only program where I want you to fire me.
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Website Makeover

A fast track to getting a website that actually does its job — generating leads for your business and/or selling your stuff. Read more…

Presentations & Workshops


The Business Design Workshop

Define your unique market positioning and design a Revenue Engine so you know exactly how you need to attract, engage and service your customers. Read more…